A New Doctor

Due to different reasons, you may change your doctor and continue being followed up by another doctor. In this case, your explanation of all details of your situation is very important. Be sure that you have the following documents when you visit your new doctor.

* A copy of your pathology report belonging to your operation or biopsy

* A copy of your operation report (if you are operated)

* List of your medicines you used, doses and start date.

Lifestyle Changes During and After Treatment

Making positive lifestyle changes can also be psychologically beneficial to patients by empowering them, since the feeling of loss of control is one of biggest challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Women should be informed about the role of lifestyle changes in the prevention of breast cancer and their role in the survival and recurrence rate in patients with breast cancer. More studies are needed to assess the role of education in lifestyle changes, to decrease the incidence and recurrence of breast cancer, and to increase the survival rate.

Select Healthy Choices

You may be doing activities which are not healthy for you in this period or you may feel bad. This is not time of blaming yourself. This is time to use your remaining days of life gratefully and enjoy it, have a good lifestyle and recharge your mood.

You can start from the following topics which may amek you worried.