Breast Reconstruction

Meme Rekonstrüksiyonu

Many women who have a mastectomy—surgery to remove an entire breast to treat or prevent breast cancer—have the option of having the shape of the removed breast reconstruction.

Women who choose to have breast reconstruction have several options for how it can be done. Breast reconstruction can be done using implants (saline or silicone) or autologous tissue (that is, tissue from elsewhere in the body). Sometimes both implants and autologous tissue are used to rebuild the breast.

Surgery to reconstruct the breasts can be done (or started) at the time of the mastectomy (which is called immediate reconstruction) or it can be done after the mastectomy incisions have healed and breast cancer therapy has been completed (which is called delayed reconstruction). Delayed reconstruction can happen months or even years after the mastectomy.

In a final stage of breast reconstruction, a nipple and areola may be re-created on the reconstructed breast, if these were not preserved during the mastectomy.

Sometimes breast reconstruction surgery includes surgery on the other, or contralateral, breast so that the two breasts will match in size and shape.

Sometimes doctor can take some fat, tissue or skin from other parts of body to reconstruct the breast.

Patient can ask the following questions about breast reconstruction before surgery:

* What are the most updated information about silicone implant?

* What type of surgery gives me the best result?

* When can breast reconstruction begin?

*How many operations do I need?

* What are the risks during operation?

* Which activities shouldn’t I do?

* What cares do I need to pay attention to after operation?

* How much does it cost? Does my health insurance pays it off?