Clinical experiences have revealed that patients with breast cancer experience various sexual problems following their treatment. Breast cancer negatively impacts the sexual life of the afflicted couples, and as a traumatic event can influence women’s psychosexual functioning and intimate relationship.

Breast cancer affects many aspects of sexuality, including changes in physical functioning and in the perception of feminity. Sexual dysfunction following breast cancer should be diagnosed and managed as a systematic approach with multidisciplinary inputs. Healthcare professionals should assess the effects of medical and surgical treatment on the sexuality of breast cancer survivors

After surgery, the breast skin is less sensitive however, some sensitivities can come back again by time. Some females enjoy their skin around operated region to be touched, but some of them may not like it. Some female may feel some chronical pain in their breast after mastectomy. In this case that part should be supported by a pillow during sex.

Breast surgery and radiotheraoy do not their prurience and does not decrease the orgasm ability. Most of females treated in early stage breast cancer recover their normal situation after 1 year.

Breast Molds and Brassieres

In females with breast cancer, doctor may ask you to use medical brassieres instead of your own one. Your doctor will let you know when you are ready to place a permanent mold. Your own brassiere may be appropriate for breast mold or can be adapted for this purpose.